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Quality foods and speciality meals by leading pet food manufacturers.

Pet food and small animal treats

Feeding your pet regularly is one of the most important duties you are required to carry out as a pet owner; ensuring you have the right food is another. At Gilberts Pet and Garden, we understand that keeping your pet well fed goes a long way to keeping them happy and healthy. That's why we stock a great range of pet foods that caters to all general and speciality dietary requirements. We even stock pet health care products.
Whether you share your home with dogs, cats, birds, fish or something very small and furry, we have the perfect food to keep them healthy and happy. We stock all the major brands of pet foods and some more unusual foods too.
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cat food

More than just food!

In addition to top quality branded pet foods, we have a variety of pet snacks and treats. And your reptiles will love the contents of our freezer!

Once you have found your pet's favourite meal at Gilberts Pet and Garden, then we can ensure we stock it on a regular basis so they are never left hungry!  If you live in the Torquay area, we can even deliver it for free! 
Remember, Gilberts Pet and Garden also stocks all kinds of pet accessories, plus a fantastic selection of aquatic supplies too.
Dog food

On the menu for your pet

  • Wet and dry cat and dog food
  • Dog biscuits and treats for all animals
  • Dog chews and treats
  • Treats for all animals
  • Fish food - both flakes and pellets
  • Seeds for birds
  • Live mealworms
  • Frozen foods for reptiles
We also stock cat and dog food by Lily's Kitchen and offer Click & Collect solutions by It’s A Pet Thing.
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Get cat food, dog food and small animal feed at Gilberts Pet and Garden in Torquay. 
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