Aquatic Supplies

Quality aquarium supplies in Torquay

Everything you need to maintain marine and tropical aquariums.

Aquarium supplies and professional advice on caring for your fish

The Gilberts Pet and Garden staff knows pretty much everything there is to know about keeping fish. So why not take advantage of our knowledge? Visit us today. As members of the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OAT), we are able to advise you on the steps required to keeping your fish healthy. We also stock a range of healthcare products specifically for fish which can be included in your package along with your tank and ornaments.

Whether you're after a goldfish in a bowl for your children or you've set your sights on something a little more adventurous, we can help. From shoals of coldwater and tropical fish to choose from to custom-built fish tanks to store them in, we stock everything you need to start your own home aquarium or expand your existing one.

You can also visit us for pet food by top brands such as Lily's Kitchen. We also partner with It’s A Pet Thing to offer click and collect services.
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custom-made aquariums

Custom-made aquariums

A well-designed fish tank adds character and provides a great visual feature to any room that it is placed in. Customise your very own fish bowl or tank of up to 4ft to display a colourful selection of fish, ornaments and accessories.

Do you need a helping hand with your purchase? Being an independent pet retailer, our staff have gained years of experience from doing what we do best - providing excellent customer service and sharing our knowledge to ensure you are happy with your selection.
Fish accessories

Fish, accessories and more!

  • Tropical fish
  • Freshwater fish
  • Filters and heaters
  • Custom-made fish tanks and bowls
  • Pumps and water treatments
  • Fish food
  • Tetra Food
  • Pond supplies
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Get freshwater fish, tropical fish, custom-made aquariums and aquarium supplies at Gilberts Pet and Garden in Torquay.
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